Connect to a remove server:

Enter-PSSession {servername}
#prompt should change to name of server after logging in


Create a network share:

New-Item -Path E:\Share1 -ItemType Directory
New-SmbShare -Name Share1 -Path E:\share1
Grant-SmbShareAccess -Name Share1 -AccountName CORP\Joe.Smith -AccessRight Full -Confirm:$false


Best Practice Analysis through PowerShell

Get list of bpa models
Get-BpaModel | Format-Table Id, Name, LastScanTime -AutoSiz

Install BPA model
get-bpamodel microsoft/windows/dnsserver

Run BPA model
invoke-bpamodel microsoft/windows/dnsserver

View BPA results
get-bparesult microsoft/windows/dnsserver



OpenVAS is no longer included by default with Kali Linux.  To setup OpenVAS perform the following steps.  make sure you have the repository available in sources.list file.

nano  /etc/apt/sources.list

And make sure the following line is present.  If it is not, add it.

deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib

You can now install OpenVAS with the following commands:

apt update

apt install openvas


The openvas-setup command takes awhile to complete, so do not become impatient.  When it finishes running, be sure to copy the password into text editor and save. Now you need to rebuild your OpenVAS database with the following command:

openvasmd –rebuild

This command will also take awhile to complete.  Once it completes, you can access the web interface at https://localhost:9392.  The username is admin and the password previously saved.

These are the new baseline stats for the cable modem.  The new cable modem is a Mode number TM822G.  Upstream power values should fall in the 38 to 50 dBmV power level range.  Downstream channels power level should be in the plus/minus seven range.  Signal to Noise Ratio should be between 32 dB and 50 dB per Mediacom technician on 3/14/2016.

These are the baseline stats for the cable modem.  Upstream values should fall in the 38 to 50 dBmV power level range.  Downstream channels power level should be in the plus/minus seven range.  Signal to Noise Ratio should be between 32 dB and 50 dB per Mediacom technician on 10/14/2016.


A dictionary attack against a WPA2 protected access point is very easy using Kali Linux 2.0 and wifite.

wifite –wpa — crack –aircrack –dict /usr/share/wordlists/sqlmap.txt

I would recommend using a larger dictionary file than the sqlmap.txt file, Several large dictionary files are available online.

When you click on the Windows 10 hard drive in Files, you receive an error message stating the operating system was not shut down properly and cannot be mounted.  The error message will list the hard drive device, normally something like /dev/sda1.  Make a note of the device location.  These instructions assume your device is located ad /dev/sda1, so adjust accordingly.  Open a terminal window and create a directory to mount your drive.  The following command will create a directory in the root of the Linux files system:

mkdir /temp

Mount your Windows hard drive into the temp directory with the following command:

mount /dev/sda1 /temp -r

This will mount the drive to the temp directory in a read-only state.  You should now be able to access files on the drive through either the terminal or the Files program from the desktop.

A possible fix to this issue is to use the Windows shutdown command at the command line to turn off the computer instead of shutting down through the GUI.  The command to shut down Windows is:

shutdown /s /t 0

This should also work for command line IP address changes to Linux:

edit the file /etc/network/interfaces


auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp


auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Restart neworking

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Found some terrific information about blocking ads in Internet Explorer.  IE has an option called Tracking List Protection.  To access, open up Internet Explorer, go to settings (gear icon in upper right corner) and then click Manage Add-ons.  In the list of Add-On Types is an option called Tracking Protection.


Click Tracking Protection.  Towards the bottom of the screen is a green arrow that points to Get a Tracking Protection List online…  Click and it will take you to the Microsoft add-ons page.


Several different Tracking  Protection Lists are available.  Click Add on the ones you want, and then close and re-open your browser.

Raspberry-Pi-LogoInformation about Raspberry Pi can be found at

SD Card boot choices for Raspberry Pi:

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